TMS Therapy can fix hard-to-treat depression.

Patient Manual For Depression Patient Resource / Brochure

People who suffer from depression may sometimes feel that they have hit a dead end when medications and talk therapy do not help. The good news is the Advanced TMS Center offers TMS therapy for depression. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy is a simple FDA-approved procedure that does not require hospitalization or anesthesia.

TMS therapy for depression works by stimulating a part of the brain that is involved in moods and emotions. This is not electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and does not cause memory loss or harmful side effects.

TMS Therapy for Depression is Available in Ladera Ranch - Mission Viejo, CA

During TMS therapy for depression, a patient sits in a chair while a helmet is gently placed over the head. An electromagnetic coil inside the helmet painlessly delivers brief magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain that may be "asleep" because of a major depressive disorder.

TMS therapy for depression does not require sedation or general anesthesia, patients are fully awake during the treatment.

Naturally, people want to know what TMS therapy feels like before they try it. During the treatment, patients will hear some clicking sounds. People have described TMS therapy as a gentle tapping on (their head) or a heavier sensation.

A medical health care professional is always present to monitor the patient during TMS therapy for depression. The patient can stop the treatment at any time. Some patients may feel discomfort or headaches when they begin TMS therapy, but this usually goes away after the first few treatments.

About 75% of people respond to TMS therapy for depression, which is high for any medical treatment, while the full remission rate is reportedly around 50%.

TMS therapy for depression is an out-patient procedure. Patients can drive themselves to the Advanced TMS Center, and can even go to work after undergoing TMS therapy.

Find TMS Therapy for Depression in Ladera Ranch - Mission Viejo, CA

Coping with depression is never easy, and it can be discouraging when traditional methods do not work. The Advanced TMS Center is proud to be able to offer patients this science-based high-tech solution.

To learn more about TMS therapy for depression, please call the Advanced TMS Center at 949-768-2988. Our experienced medical providers can help the most difficult cases of depression, in fact, we specialize in cases that other doctors are not able to treat.