Ketamine, previously used for anesthesia and pain relief, is now FDA-approved for major depression and suicidal thoughts. Clinical trials underway for other ketamine uses, but is important to note that these other uses are not yet FDA-approved. Ketamine treatment using Spravato nasal spray in our office is covered by your insurance at in-network rates and copayments.

Traditional antidepressant medications can take weeks to work, since they need time to build up in the body. However, ketamine usually relieves depression symptoms with just a few treatments, and sometimes even within just a few hours.

Ketamine treatment can help severely depressed people until traditional antidepressants start to work. This is sometimes called the “ketamine bridge.” The Advanced TMS Center offers ketamine treatments under careful medical supervision. For some patients, maintenance treatment is necessary, which is covered by insurance. Like all depression treatments, ketamine is not a “cure,” but can produce a reduction of symptoms of at least 50% in most patients, and complete remission in nearly half of all patients.

Ketamine Treatment available in Ladera Ranch - Mission Viejo, CA

You may have heard that ketamine is sometimes abused recreationally, but ketamine's reputation is growing as one of the most effective medications for severe depression. Our ketamine treatments are based on scientific evidence and the highest standard of care.

A ketamine treatment can be given intravenously (IV) or through a nasal mist, called Spravato, which is what we used at Advanced TMS Center. During ketamine treatment, most patients remain fully awake, able to read, or use portable devices with our free WI-FI. Friendly and well-trained staff monitor treatment and vital signs during treatment, and you may be hooked up to an electronic monitor. After ketamine is given, most side effects abate in 45 minutes, so you will be monitored by trained medical staff, and your doctor will be consulted to verify it is ok to leave. Current monitoring requirements specify 2 hours of monitoring time, and you must be picked up by a separate driver. This can be a friend or family member. Monitoring and tracking forms are required for ketamine, using a system called REMS, for your protection. You must be taking one antidepressant medication during Spravato ketamine treatment.

Ketamine appears to work by causing the regrowth of synaptic connections in the brain cells that are responsible for people’s moods. This is different from antidepressants which can increase brain levels of serotonin. Ketamine treatment may also reduce nerve signals involved in inflammation, which can aggravate depression, so it works in several ways at the same time. People who don't respond to commonly prescribed medications (treatment-resistant depression) have had positive reactions to ketamine treatments.

The Best Ketamine Treatment in Ladera Ranch - Mission Viejo, CA

Ketamine treatments can offer substantial short-term relief of psychiatric disorders, but if it works well, insurance will cover maintenance treatment to keep depression in remission. We work closely with our patients to customize the right followup ketamine treatment for you. A $7,000 financial assistance program per year is available to most patients, to cover any both copays and deductible amounts

To find out if a ketamine treatment would be a good option for you, please call the Advanced TMS Center at 949-768-2988. Our experienced staff will be happy to meet with you, and explain how your depression, or other condition, can be treated. We are standing by to help.